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"It's All For You"

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April 2023


Willowbrook Senior Center


November 2023



This “It’s All for You” by Brittney S. Price is one of five murals that are a part of “LA vs Hate: Summer of Solidarity”, a public art series that celebrates the diverse communities of Los Angeles. Summer of Solidarity is an initiative of LA vs Hate, a community-centered program designed to uplift residents and communities targeted by hate in Los Angeles County. “It’s All for You” emerged from a series of community workshops where diverse voices came together through guided explorations of identity.

"It's All for You" by Brittney S. Price welcomes the neighborhood with open arms to the gateway of South Los Angeles (South Central Los Angeles). The mural connects the history and future of Willowbrook's ecology and community. The central figure welcoming viewers represents the embrace of a grandmother while also standing in as a veneration of Velma Grant, the visionary developer who boosted Willowbrook in the early 1940s. Grant acquired 50 acres of undeveloped land in Willowbrook and worked with architect Paul Williams to develop Carver Manor, a residential neighborhood that made single family homes available for purchase by Black professionals and veterans returning from World War II. Her hands are both an embrace and a gesture presenting the pride and legacy of Willowbrook. Within her clothing flows a historic image of the brook that once ran down 120th Street. She wears a Sankofa necklace, symbolizing movement into the future while also seeing the past. The Sankofa is echoed on the left side of the mural in the soil that a Willow tree emerges from. Magic Johnson Park is prominently displayed with a musician in the foreground playing the saxophone. Willowbrook youth are riding their bikes around the waterways as nearby geese waddle along the pond shore. Their shirts boldly say "Pride" and "Legacy", the underpinning themes of the mural. Behind the pond is a young child holding a sign that says "Willowbrook Gardens," honoring the agricultural tradition in the neighborhood with raised garden boxes that extend into the distance. A map of Willowbrook is embedded in the hues of the horizon.

To the right, we see a sunrise with the many birds of Willowbrook taking off over homes in Carver Manor designed by architect Paul Williams. On the horizon, we also see Martin Luther King Jr. Community Hospital and the Willowbrook/Rosa Parks Metro Station, a major transportation hub in South Los Angeles (South Central Los Angeles). Butterflies emerge out of the saxophone and sweep across the mural, representing musical vibrations, transformation and renewal. A group of students are seated together in the foreground, discovering the rich history of the community through polaroids of past historical figures that flow out of their hands. George Washington Carver, Magic Johnson, Paul Revere Williams, Madame A. C. Bilbrew are among the portraits seen in the archive of polaroids. One of the students wears a shirt that says "Remembering Willowbrook" recalling a publication by the Willowbrook Inclusion Network and the ongoing discovery of the next generation of youth.

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