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Vitamin Angels 30th Anniversary Mural "BLOOM" (digital)

Project type

Digital Mural


March 2024


Arctic Pasadena, CA

Commissioned by Vitamin Angels, this inspiring mural embodies the transformative potential of our shared commitment to create a healthier world. Portraits of thriving women and children across cultures epitomize the positive impact of good nutrition on families today and for generations to come. Peonies bloom vibrantly to signify abundance, the life-sustaining power of nutrition, and compassion. Robins take flight in the spirit of renewal and the promise of new beginnings—a symbol of a world without malnutrition.

Big thanks to @damianddmartino @michellerobbins @kelseycarroll and the whole @vitaminangels team!

Dream partnership!
#VitaminAngels #WomensHistoryMonth #Empowerment #artforchange #alignment

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